Patent Number: 6,308,631

Title: Mems vertical to horizontal motion translation device

Abstract: A micromechanical device that takes a vertical force to a micro substratethat results into a vertical motion and translates that vertical motioninto horizontal motion. A pit is etched onto a micro substrate where thewalls of the pit meet the floor of the pit at less than a A vertical force is applied to a structure to push it along theangled wall of the pit and as the structure reaches the bottom of the pitthe vertical motion is translated into horizontal motion. By attaching aspring or similar mechanism to the structure, one can store the horizontalmomentum for later use by latching the structure in some way before thespring can pull the structure back into its original position.

Inventors: Smith; Gabriel L. (Waldorf, MD), Fan; Lawrence (Vienna, VA)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 10/32013