Patent Number: 6,308,632

Title: Deployable folded propeller assembly for aerial projectiles

Abstract: An apparatus for deploying a propeller assembly from a folded configurationto a deployed, operational configuration, the apparatus comprising apropeller assembly hub which in conjunction with a propeller hub nutmaintains an aerodynamically efficient shape after the propeller assemblyis deployed, the propeller hub nut which is diametrically large enough toallow assembly of a drive shaft and a drive shaft bevel gear and includesa cavity to accept a spring detent, a propeller blade which protrudes froma journal located in the surface of the propeller assembly hub where whenin its folded configuration, the propeller blade is in the same parallelaxial direction as the drive shaft and when deployed is nutated to aradially outwardly extending operative position in response to rotating ofa propeller blade bevel gear, the drive shaft rotated about its axis whereone end engages a prime mover and a second distal end engages the hub nut,drive shaft bevel gear fixed to the drive shaft near the distal end whichengages the propeller blade bevel gear, the propeller blade bevel gearconnected to the propeller blade inside of the propeller assembly hubwhich engages the drive shaft bevel gear and rotates as a result of thedrive shaft bevel gear rotating in unison with the drive shaft, a means toprevent the propeller blades from nutating beyond the operationalconfiguration, a means to reduce friction between the hub nut and thedrive shaft, a shear pin to statorize the propeller assembly hub prior tooperating the deployed propeller assembly, and a means to break the sheerpin after the propeller assembly has achieved the deployed, operationalconfiguration.

Inventors: Shaffer; James E. (Maitland, FL)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013