Patent Number: 6,308,644

Title: Fail-safe access control chamber security system

Abstract: An access control vestibule having first and second locking single doors,an access control chamber formed between the two doors, magnetic locks foreach of the doors, a metal detector located between the doors to detectfor a weapon, the doors are manually operable and swing towards theoutside of the chamber, the frame of the vestibule is rectangular andformed of a metal material, the door frames being formed of a metalmaterial, transparent ballistic resistant panels are mounted in the sidewalls of the chamber and the door frames, ultrasonic sensors arepositioned above the first and second halves of the chamber to detect forthe presence of more than one person within the chamber or for thepresence of an object such as a weapon on the floor of the chamber, anultrasonic sensor located above the metal detector, a touch-sensitive padlocated on the inside of the exit door of the chamber, a control device toprevent both doors from being opened at the same time and to prevent thesecond or exit door from being unlocked when the metal detector detects ametal object or the sensors detect the presence of more than one person oran object on the floor.

Inventors: Diaz; William (Trujillo Alto, PR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013