Patent Number: 6,308,647

Title: Interlock stitch sewing machine for blindstitch hemming with slippagepreventing device

Abstract: An interlock stitch sewing machine for blindstitch hemming with a slippagepreventing device is provided which is so constructed as to preventslippage that is likely to occur due to a position error of a lower fabricportion of the fabric portions stacked by a top-stitching at the fabricend, or a locally deformed portion due to a cutting error, in theblindstitch hemming of a tubular article such as T-shirts or underwear. Atop-stiching width guide and a fabric edge guide are oppositely disposedin front of a needle location. A slippage detecting sensor that detectsthe edge position of the lower fabric portion to detect the presence ofslippage, is attached to the fabric edge guide. When the slippage quantitydetected by the sensor exceeds a permissible slippage quantity, it isdetermined there is possibility of slippage, and an informing means isoperated. Thereby, a faulty sewing such as slippage can be reliablyprevented by previously detecting a position error of the lower fabricportion or a deformed portion due to a cutting error.

Inventors: Okabe; Masato (Toyonaka, JP), Nakata; Norio (Toyonaka, JP), Kurata; Hiromichi (Toyonaka, JP), Masaoka; Takayoshi (Toyonaka, JP), Sakai; Itsuo (Toyonaka, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013