Patent Number: 6,308,657

Title: Drinking valve

Abstract: Drinking valves (11) are usually screwed into water supply lines (10). Thistype of connection involves relatively high outlay.The invention proposes a drinking valve (11) which has a casing (12)consisting of an acceptance part (14) and a connecting part (15), asnap-in connection (48) being arranged between the acceptance part (11)and the connection part (15). This snap-in connection (48) makes itpossible to push the acceptance part (14) and the connecting part (15)simply and rapidly together. The connecting part (15) can be fastened tothe water supply line (10) in some other manner, and in fact permanentlyif necessary, because the connecting part (15) can remain on the watersupply line (10) for repair to the drinking valve (11) by simply releasingthe snap-in connection (48).

Inventors: Schumacher; Egon (Barnstorf, DE), Lehmkuhl; Ludger (Twistringen, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013