Patent Number: 6,308,663

Title: Animal walking and training collar

Abstract: A collar having a variable circumference for walking and training adomestic animal. In one embodiment, the collar comprises a strap portionand a first and second coupler being attached to opposing ends of thestrap portion. A reducer assembly having a first end being movablyattached to the first coupler and a second end being connected to thesecond coupler such that the reducer assembly remains connected the strapportion. The collar further comprises a trainer fastener attached to thereducer assembly and a walker fastener attached to the strap portion. Thetrainer fastener is arranged and configured to receive a leash such thatthe circumference of the collar is variable. The walker fastener isarranged and configured to receive a leash such that the circumference ofthe collar is fixed.

Inventors: Philen; Dana R. (late of Atlanta, GA), Philen; Dan L. (Atlanta, GA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013