Patent Number: 6,308,675

Title: Gas exchange valve with a hollow space

Abstract: The invention relates to a gas exchange valve with a hollow space, for aninternal combustion engine. The valve comprises a valve stem (3), a valvebase and a valve disk (2). The valve stem and valve disk or valve stem andvalve base have an approximately cylindrical, elongated hollow space whichis formed by both parts. The space is sealed by welding. The aim of theinvention is to improve the quality of the welding. To this end, an extramass of the material required for sealing the hollow space is provided onthe valve disk or the valve base so that no additional welding material isnecessary.

Inventors: Keller; Peter (Schmitten, DE), Muck; Lothar (Wolfersheim, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013