Patent Number: 6,308,679

Title: Separator structure of chain case

Abstract: The interior of a chain case 23 accommodating therein a chain-sprocketmechanism (a sprocket 12 and a silent chain 14)provided for rotating acrankshaft 11 and camshafts 5 in an interlocking fashion and a tensionershoe 18 for applying a predetermined tension to a slack side of a chain ora guide shoe 19 for preventing the run-out of the chain on a stretchedside thereof is partitioned by providing a rib 27, 28 so as to protrudefrom at least either of an end face of an engine E and an inner surface ofa chain cover 22 joined to the end face with distal end edges of the ribsbeing directed toward sides 18a, 18b of the tensioner shoe or the guideshoe that are perpendicular to the crankshaft. According to thisconstruction, since the rib provided so as to protrude from the cylinderblock or the chain cover cooperates with the tensioner shoe or the guideshoe so as to form a separator, an oil passage having a sufficientcross-sectional area can be defined without control from the chain lineand necessity of enlargement of the engine.

Inventors: Nakamura; Kensuke (Saitama, JP), Kawashima; Fuminori (Saitama, JP), Kamiyama; Hidehiko (Saitama, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013