Patent Number: 6,308,686

Title: Intake manifold with internal fuel rail and injectors

Abstract: An intake manifold includes an upper shell, a lower shell, and a middle shell that interconnects the upper and lower shells. The lower shell has a plurality of longitudinally spaced shell ports. Each shell port is adapted for installation over a corresponding intake port for an engine cylinder head. The upper shell has a plurality of runners that are used to guide air to the shell ports. The middle shell has a plurality of channels that interconnect the runners and the shell ports such that air can flow through the runner to the cylinder intake port. Fuel injector pockets are formed within the upper, middle, and lower shells with each of the pockets having an injector opening in communication with the corresponding shell port. An internal fuel rail, formed between the upper and middle shells, supplies fuel to each of the injector pockets. A fuel injector is installed into each injector pocket such that the injectors are substantially enclosed within the manifold. An internal wire harness rail, formed between the upper and middle shells, supports a wire harness that electrically connects each of the injectors to a power supply.

Inventors: Mammarella; John R. (Windsor, CA), Marentette; John F. (Tecumseh, CA), Worrel; Christine C. (Madison Heights, MI), Kennedy; Gary I. (Tacumseh, CA)

Assignee: Siemens Canada Limited

International Classification: F02M 63/00 (20060101); F02M 63/02 (20060101); F02M 69/46 (20060101); F02M 35/104 (20060101); F02M 51/00 (20060101); F02M 35/10 (20060101); F02M 033/04 (); F02M 035/10 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018