Patent Number: 6,308,690

Title: Hydraulically controllable camless valve system adapted for an internalcombustion engine

Abstract: An internal combustion engine that contains a controller which controlsdifferent components such as a fuel injector, an exhaust valve and aby-pass valve of a pump with digital control signals. The engine may havean hydraulically driven fuel injector which ejects a volume of fuel intoan internal combustion chamber. The flow of air into the internalcombustion chamber and the flow of exhaust gas out of the chamber may becontrolled by camless hydraulically driven intake and exhaust valves. Thehydraulic actuation of the fuel injector and valves are controlled bysolenoid actuated latching fluid control valves. The operation of theinjector and the valves is controlled by a controller which providesdigital signals to actuate and latch the solenoid control valves. Thedigital signals consume minimal power and actuate the valves at relativelyhigh speeds. The engine further contains a pump that pumps the hydraulicfluid to the control valves. The pump system contains an hydraulicallydriven solenoid actuated latching by-pass valve which can be opened tocouple the outlet of the pump with a return line. Latching the by-passvalve into an open position allows the output of the pump to be dumped tothe return line without requiring additional work from the pump tomaintain the by-pass valve in the open position. The by-pass valve can beopened by a digital control signal from the controller. The controller canopen and close the by-pass valve to control the rail pressure provided tothe control valves.

Inventors: Sturman; Oded E. (Newbury Park, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013