Patent Number: 6,308,699

Title: Paving brick template

Abstract: The present invention provides a novel template which allows an installerto easily and quickly form accurate markings on a concrete brick so thatthe brick can be cut in a precise manner to be used in a driveway pattern,a sidewalk pattern, or the like. The template includes a frame and aplanar plate. The plate has a plurality of slots formed therethrough. Thetemplate is positioned on a brick such that the plate sits on the top ofthe brick and the frame abuts against the sides of the brick. Theinstaller then uses a marking tool to mark the desired cut or cuts byrunning the tool along the length of one slot or the slots. The templateis then removed and the brick is cut accordingly.

Inventors: Schmitt; Mark R. (Wheaton, IL)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013