Patent Number: 6,308,705

Title: Integrated lung therapy method

Abstract: In a lung therapy method, hyperpolarized gas is administered for one breathto a subject, and a magnetic resonance scan of at least one lung of thesubject is conducted. The data obtained from the scan are evaluated,specifically to determine the extent and distribution of infusion ofhyperpolarized gas in the lung, as an indication of the alveolae in thelung which are open. Based on the evaluation of the data obtained in themagnetic resonance scan, a determination is made as to whetheradministration of a surfactant is necessary in order to improve opening ofthe lung. If a surfactant is administered, the procedure can be repeatedto obtain an updated dataset, which can be evaluated to determine whetherthe administered surfactant has been effective.

Inventors: Rupprecht; Thomas (Uttenreuth, DE), Kuth; Rainer (Herzogenaurach, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013