Patent Number: 6,308,716

Title: Core for an adhesive device for attaching a false eyelash

Abstract: An improved core for an adhesive device for attaching a false eyelash to an eyelid. The adhesive device is of a type that has a core, an adhesive coating that surrounds the core so as to form an attaching element, a primary substrate that is a card and has a face with an upper area that has a display throughbore therethrough for a hanging display and a lower area, a secondary substrate that is disposed on the upper area of the primary substrate, below the display throughbore therethrough, and a plurality of release sheet covers that are individual and separate from each other. The improvement includes the core being a plurality of synthetic fibers laid side by side and not twisted, braided, interwoven, intertwined, entwined, or interlaced with each other. Each synthetic fiber is thin, smooth, and does not absorb the adhesive coating so as to remain soft and pliable.

Inventors: Han; Yongho (Woodbury, NY)


International Classification: A41G 5/00 (20060101); A41G 5/02 (20060101); A41G 005/02 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018