Patent Number: 6,308,725

Title: Apparatus for controlling hydraulic fluid pressure

Abstract: A smart actuator (10), includes a mounting base (12), a solenoid element(14), and a pressure sensor element (16). The solenoid element (14) andthe pressure sensor element (16) are in electrical communication with aremote control element (17) through a wire harness (18). The remotecontrol element (17) sends a signal to the solenoid element (14) to adjusthydraulic fluid pressure. The pressure sensor (16) reports back to theremote control element (17) the value of hydraulic fluid pressure suchthat a closed-loop system in formed where correct hydraulic fluid pressureis rapidly and accurately attained.

Inventors: Lawlyes; Daniel Alan (Kokomo, IN), Collins; Duane Zedric (El Paso, TX)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013