Patent Number: 6,308,727

Title: Fuel dispensing swivel breakaway assembly

Abstract: A coaxial hose, dual plane, swivel breakaway assembly for use incombination with a fuel dispenser apparatus is disposed between a hoseattached to a fuel dispenser unit and a nozzle. The swivel breakawayassembly 30 has body portions with a first, assembled condition and asecond condition in which the body portions are separated. A fuel valvelocated in the dispenser-end body portion permits flow of fuel when thebody portions are assembled and resists flow upon separation. An elementsecuring the body portions together releases engagement upon applicationof tension force above a predetermined maximum level to the hose andnozzle across the swivel breakaway assembly. In a preferred embodiment,the hose is coaxial, and a vapor valve is also disposed within the swivelbreakaway assembly.

Inventors: Healy; James W. (Hollis, NH)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013