Patent Number: 6,308,736

Title: Tube-to-vessel connection using a fastening valve

Abstract: A pressure vessel including a mounting block for supporting and retaining an inlet and an outlet tube to the pressure vessel. The mounting block includes a valve that communicates with an interior of the vessel and fastens the mounting block to a top of the pressure vessel. The mounting block enables access to the interior of the housing for accessories such as the valve, a sight glass, or a pressure switch, and the accessories can be either permanently or removably attached to the pressure vessel at the top or sides thereof. The mounting block may accommodate more than one valve.

Inventors: Lafer; Larry (Plymouth, MI), Slais; Robert J. (West Bloomfield, MI)

Assignee: Automotive Fluid Systems, Inc.

International Classification: F25B 41/00 (20060101); F25B 43/00 (20060101); E03B 011/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018