Patent Number: 6,308,749

Title: Process and device for transfer of sterile products between a container andan isolator

Abstract: Sterile products contained in a container (10) are transferred into asterile isolator (12) by connecting the container onto a lock (28) fittedon the outside of the isolator (12) and equipped with a pulsed lightsterilization device (28). The connection between the lock (28) and theisolator (12) is made by a sealed double door transfer device. Thethrowaway container is equipped with a plug type closer (16), cutout fromthe inside of the isolator (12) after sterilizing the volume (40) insidethe lock (28) and opening the double door (24, 38).

Inventors: Brossard; Jean-Pierre (Chatou, FR), Fontcuberta; Philippe (Vendone, FR), Riviere; Jean-Michel (Villeromain, FR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013