Patent Number: 6,308,758

Title: Elastomeric tire having magnetized sidewall and method of manufacturingsame

Abstract: The present invention provides a tire with a sidewall having a magnetizedouter layer. The sidewall outer layer is peripherally divided intosections with radially extending ribs between each adjacent pair ofsections. The ribs protrude above the sections. In the peripheraldirection, the ribs are significantly narrower than the sections. Thesections are magnetized in a peripheral direction, but with alternatingpolarity. The ribs close the circles of magnetic flux by allowing lines ofmagnetic flux to enter and exit the sidewall outer layer after movingthrough the surrounding air and the magnetized sections, respectively. Theribs focus the location of the entry and exit of the lines of magneticflux into and out of the sidewall outer layer. This focused entry and exitis achieved by the accumulation of magnetized material in the ribs whichcauses the lines of magnetic flux moving through the ribs to point in adirection perpendicular to the plane of the tire sidewall. As a result ofthis focused entry and exit, sharp edges between the areas of oppositepolarization are achieved which enables the precise measurement of theperipheral locations of the lines of magnetic flux. By enabling such aprecise measurement, the present invention provides for a more accuratedetermination of information relating to the dynamic behavior of the tire.

Inventors: Cetin; A. Yuecel (Cornelius, NC), Giustino; James M. (Waxhaw, NC)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013