Patent Number: 6,308,759

Title: Heavy duty pneumatic radial tires with particular belt rubber configuration

Abstract: A heavy duty pneumatic radial tire comprises a radial carcass and a belt superimposed about an outer periphery of the carcass and comprised of at least three rubberized cord layers, cords of two adjacent layers among these layers being crossed with each other at an acute cord angle with respect to an equatorial plane of the tire to form cross cord layers, in which a narrow-width cord layer among the cross cord layers is provided with an end cover rubber having a particular 100% modulus and a space cushion rubber having a particular 100% modulus.

Inventors: Okamoto; Yoichi (Kodaira, JP)

Assignee: Bridgestone Corporation

International Classification: B60C 9/18 (20060101); B60C 9/20 (20060101); B60C 009/18 (); B60C 009/20 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018