Patent Number: 6,308,760

Title: Strapping apparatus

Abstract: A strapping apparatus for strapping goods with a band, which apparatus hasa tensioning device which is operatively connected to a tensioning driveand is intended for tensioning of the band, a closure device for sealingtwo ends of a band, and a plurality of rewinding locks for fixing the bandon the strapping apparatus, is to be as lightweight as possible while ofhigh functional reliability. It is therefore proposed that an essentiallyplate-shaped control board (14) which is operatively connected to anactuating means is provided as the means for controlling functions of thestrapping apparatus, that a movement of the actuating means brings about apivoting movement of the control board (14), and that the pivotingmovement of the control board can be transmitted to a plurality oftransmitting means which are coupled to the control board, with which therewinding locks (5, 6, 26) can be transferred from a locking position intoan insertion position and vice versa. With the solution according toinvention, the means for controlling the functions of a strappingapparatus are initiated from just one control board, whereby the number ofindividual parts required can be reduced.

Inventors: Finzo; Flavio (Wurenlos, CH), Haltinner; Giancarlo (Schanis, CH), Marsche; Bernd (Uster, CH), De Felice; Ludovigo (Niederweningen, CH)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013