Patent Number: 6,308,775

Title: Heat exchanger tube

Abstract: The exchanger tube has a smooth outside surface and a structured insidesurface. The inside surface is formed from parallel primary and secondaryribs that run at an angle with respect to the longitudinal tube axis andrespectively comprise inclined, planar flanks, channels that are limitedlaterally by the primary and secondary ribs and troughs shaped into theprimary and secondary ribs. The radial extension of the secondary ribs isless than that of the primary ribs. The troughs are triangular. The centerlongitudinal planes of the troughs are disposed at an angle with respectto the longitudinal tube axis. The summits of the primary and secondaryribs are rounded. Rounded chamfers are provided between the flanks of theprimary and secondary ribs and the channel beds.

Inventors: Naumann; Ulrich (Menden, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013