Patent Number: 6,308,785

Title: Adjustable grader-spreader bar

Abstract: An adjustable grader-spreader bar with a three-point hitch has a bladeframe assembly comprised of a plurality of blade frames, each blade framehaving a blade edge fastened at the bottom. The blade frames are slideablyconnected so that the blade frames have an adjustable overlap. Actuatingdevices, such as hydraulic rams, are used to extend or retract the bladeframes, so that the width of the of the adjustable grader-spreader bar mayeither be increased or decreased as required for the particularapplication. Ground engaging skids are attached to each side of the bladeframe assembly. The vertical position of each ground engaging skid may beadjusted to raise or lower each side of the adjustable grader-spreaderbar. Actuating devices, such as electrical motors, are used to change thevertical position of the ground engaging skids.

Inventors: Rhoden; Rod Earl (Bakersfield, CA)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 10/32013