Patent Number: 6,308,831

Title: Container and kit for protection and display of collectible items

Abstract: A container for storage and display of collectible items is disclosed. The container includes a lid and plural base units that are sized to snugly fit a particular size of collectible item within a category of collectible items. The base units define a receptacle that receives the collectible item. In order that the collectible item is snugly fit into the receptacle for optimum protection, the base unit includes sizer members that extend into the receptacle to reduce dimensions of the receptacle. The lid is sized to fit plural base units, having different sizer members. Accordingly, containers may be provided for a category of differently sized collectible items, wherein the container have uniform exterior dimensions to provide aesthetically pleasing display containers. The base units further include stiffening ribs to provide support for relatively heavy, flexible collectible items. Also, posts and post receptacles are formed in the lid and base units, respectively, to assist with a secure coupling of the lid and base units.

Inventors: Saxe; Joel E. (Portland, OR), O'Keefe; Thomas F. (Portland, OR), Fretta; Sam G. (Portland, OR), Kiggans; Larry K. (Clackamas, OR), Luca; Radu D. (Gresham, OR), Hebert; David M. (Portland, OR)

Assignee: J. E. Saxe & Co.

International Classification: B42F 7/00 (20060101); B42F 7/14 (20060101); B65D 43/02 (20060101); G09F 1/12 (20060101); G09F 1/00 (20060101); B65D 085/48 (); G09F 001/12 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018