Patent Number: 6,308,833

Title: Food packaging system

Abstract: A food packaging system for a food product such as an uncooked deep dishpizza includes an aluminum pan for receiving the food product. Apaperboard ring is placed over the upper rim of the pan to provide a localshield, retarding the cooking time of the upper outer edge of the foodproduct. Together, the pan and ring form a cooking vessel for the foodproduct. A formed tray of plastic material receives the pan and providespocket-like stepped recesses to aid in cushioning the pan and to hold thering in desired position about the pan rim. A support member is applied tothe bottom and one end of the tray to provide a bottom support forpositioning the tray and its contents, on-edge, in an upright position. Afilm covers the contents of the tray and is removed, along with the trayand support member, to prepare the food product for cooking.

Inventors: Oravez; Thomas P. (Chicago, IL)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013