Patent Number: 6,308,852

Title: Tank cap and fuel tank with the same

Abstract: A fuel cap is set on a tank opening and includes a casing main body, acover, and a torque mechanism. The torque mechanism includes a coverengagement projection disposed on the cover, a torque plate having a plateengagement element, and a spring. When the cover is rotated in a closingdirection of the tank opening, the cover engagement projection is releasedfrom the plate engagement element under a certain rotational torque toprovide the user with the feeling of a click. When the cover is rotated inan opening direction of the tank opening, on the other hand, the coverengagement projection is released from the plate engagement element undera smaller rotational torque. This arrangement enables the spring toaccumulate the pressing force and release the accumulated pressing force.The release of the accumulated pressing force causes the positionalrelationship between the cover and the casing main body to an initialstate.

Inventors: Hagano; Hiroyuki (Inazawa, JP), Nakagawa; Masayuki (Iwakura, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013