Patent Number: 6,308,855

Title: Methods of securing liners within containers

Abstract: A method of securing a flexible plastics liner (12) within a cargo container (10) uses a plurality of plastic retaining cords (17). Each cord (17) is either attached to the liner (12) at a suitable position (14), or is passed through a loop (43) (FIG. 9) or other receptor (31) (FIG. 8) secured to the liner. Each cord (17) has a self-jamming cleat (23) secured at or adjacent one end, to permit the cord to be coupled to a member (20) provided within the container (10) and then tensioned so as to suspend the liner therewithin. The cord may be passed through a hole (19) in the member (20) or a loop may be formed around the member (30) (FIG. 8) or (41) (FIG. 9).

Inventors: Tisi; Antony Luigi Paul (Benfleet, Essex 5S7 1PS, GB)

Assignee: Tisi; Antony Luigi Paul

International Classification: B65D 90/04 (20060101); B65D 025/14 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018