Patent Number: 6,308,864

Title: Modular adhesive bead dispenser

Abstract: A modular adhesive bead dispensing unit having at least one bead dispensingmodule. The module includes a mounting frame for mounting the module tothe unit, and at least one adhesive dispensing manifold. The manifoldincludes a housing having an inlet opening for introducing adhesive intothe housing, an outlet opening for dispensing the adhesive, a non-stickcompressible fitting within the outlet opening, the fitting having anopening therethrough, and an outlet closing member receivable within thefitting opening for starting and stopping flow of an adhesive bead fromthe head. The module also includes at least one actuation unit forretracting and reinstalling the outlet closing member within the fittingopening. The manifold for dispensing adhesive has a sleeve mounted in theoutlet opening, adjacent the fitting, and a retainer for retaining thefitting within the outlet opening and for adjustably pressing the fittinginto the sleeve. The sleeve has a through opening, which is aligned withthe fitting opening for passage of the outlet closing member and adhesivetherethrough. The fitting is made of a non-stick compressible material,and the retainer is adjusted to compress the fitting to form anenvironmental seal between the fitting and outlet closing member when theoutlet closing member is in a closed position such that the adhesivedispensing unit is particularly suitable for dispensing a fast actingmoisture curable adhesive. The manifold may include multiple outletopenings and a respective number of outlet closing members. In oneembodiment, the module has a separate actuation unit connected to eachoutlet closing member. In a second embodiment, the module utilizes thesame manifold as the first embodiment; however, the outlet closing membersare all actuated simultaneously by a single actuation unit.

Inventors: Messer; Joseph S. (Vicksburg, MI)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013