Patent Number: 6,308,867

Title: Media dispenser

Abstract: The dispenser outlet (13) is microbiologically sealingly closeable by avalve stopple (25) which closes counter flow direction (11). Outlet 13 ismanually reversely opened prior to the pump stroke against a spring (34).The medium reaches outlet (13) via throttles (22, 21, 49). Thus the mediumcreeps practically non-pressurized to an adhering face (51) of a dropletformer (50). There the medium accumulates to a droplet suspending in theupside-down position. The medium contained in the dispenser (1) iseffectively protected from germ contamination and the droplet may besimply administered to an eye or the like.

Inventors: Wolter; Michael (Taegerwilen, CH)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013