Patent Number: 6,308,876

Title: Game call carrying system

Abstract: A tubular receptacle for storing, transporting and carrying a variety ofturkey game calls including the box call, push button yelper and theslate/glass call, either independently or in combination. The tube is madeof sturdy plastic or other rigid material and has a permanent bottom endand slip on end cap to provide a means of closure. The tube is lined witha cushioned material which holds the game call in place, preventingmovement of the game call while inserted inside the tube. The rigidity ofthe tube helps to prevent damage to the game call from external blows suchas being dropped or being sat on. The material used for the tube and endcap is waterproof and protects the game call from the effects of inclimateweather. When inserted in the tube, a game call is protected while instorage in a closet or gun chest, during transportation to and from huntsand during use in the field. The tube can be carried hands free by ahunter in the field utilizing belt loops or a spring clip attached to thetube, for vertical or horizontal waistband carrying. The tube can also becarried free from obstruction of below the waist heavy coats, whenattached to an elongated belt looped strap which runs down the outside ofthe thigh, and to one or more straps wrapped around the thigh, which areattached directly to the tube or to a fitted sleeve which the tube isinserted into.

Inventors: Havens; Glendon Scott (League City, TX)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 10/32013