Patent Number: 6,308,883

Title: Heat insulating paper cups

Abstract: A heat insulating paper cup with improved insulation in areas where printedmatter exists. The printed matter is applied using a water-based alkyd orepoxy ink. In one embodiment the cup can include a body member having aninside surface and an outside surface, and a bottom panel member having aupper surface and a bottom surface. The body member is coated on itsoutside surface with a foamed synthetic resin, and on its inside surfacewith an unfoamed synthetic resin. The bottom panel member is optionallycoated on its upper surface with a foamed or an unfoamed synthetic resin.The body member and bottom panel member are oriented and joined to form aseal at an interface between a portion of inside surface of the bodymember and a portion of the upper surface of the bottom panel member. Theprinted matter is applied prior to foaming of the synthetic resin on theouter surface of the cup.

Inventors: Schmelzer; Michael A. (Appleton, WI), Penn; Diana L. (St. Louis, MO), Ingram; Mikel A. (Ellisville, MO)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013