Patent Number: 6,308,884

Title: Device and method for suspending a flag display from a mailbox

Abstract: A system and method of attaching a flag display to a mailbox in a mannerthat enables the flag display to hang below the mailbox. The systemincludes a flag display that has a length equivalent to the sum of thecombined lengths of the two sides of the mailbox and the front of themailbox. The top edge of the flag display attaches to the exterior of themailbox, near its base. The flag display attaches to the mailbox usinghook and loop material or some other equivalent fastening means. The flagdisplay hangs down from the base of the mailbox while maintaining thegenerally rectangular configuration of the mailbox base. At the bottom ofthe flag display, the flag display is either weighted or anchored to themailbox post.

Inventors: Hamburger; Robert (Sellersville, PA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013