Patent Number: 6,308,895

Title: Gas-flow control valve for a heating appliance

Abstract: Gas flow regulation valve (1) for a heater appliance, comprising a valvebody (2) with two axial valves (7,9) arranged in series, whose valvesealing members (7',8') are the lift type by means of a central valve stem(10), whose forward movement (e) is actuated by a stepped motor (3), amotor control unit (C) for its power supply, and a remote control (RC)provided with a room temperature sensor (16), which houses a number ofvalve operating programs (P), each of them containing four positionsrelative to the forward movement of the valve stem, in accordance with thefuel gas family and the type of heating appliance.

Inventors: Atxa; Maite Amozarrain (Mondragon, ES), Antxia Uribetxebarria; Jose J. (Aretxabaleta, ES)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013