Patent Number: 6,308,904

Title: Delay drive-hanging device of a paper shredder

Abstract: This invention is related to a delay drive-hanging device of a papershredder. The paper shredder is provided with a linked delay device thatmaintains continuous driving force within the duration from insertion ofpaper between blade wheel shafts to termination of shredding operation soas to effectively grip and then strip the paper. The device is provided onthe blade wheel shafts; the device drives and connects to a link dial bymeans of a belt. The link dial has an end that couples to a controlcylinder by means of minute friction. A delay trigger for a paper entrydial is provided between a side of a paper entrance and the controlcylinder. A micro-switch is connected to a primary circuit. The controlcylinder has an end face having a notch that corresponds to and controls aretaining dial of the delay trigger. The control cylinder is provided onanother side with a resilient press plate that corresponds to and controlsa recovering dial. Further, the delay trigger is provided with acantilever beam at a location adjacent the micro-switch such thatinsertion of paper changes orientation of the delay trigger to cause thecantilever beam to contact and to activate the micro-switch; after an endedge of the paper is gripped, the delay trigger is triggered by theretaining dial to recover to its original state, while the end face of thecontrol cylinder urges against the micro-switch such that the micro-switchcontinues to be activated for a while until the control cylinder completesa full rotation subjecting the cantilever beam to sink in the notch so asto cease the driving force.

Inventors: Chang; Frank (Taipei, TW)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013