Patent Number: 6,308,908

Title: Machine for coiling a flat continuous element to form rolls

Abstract: The machine is equipped with a device for cutting the sheet to shift fromone roll to another; the cutting device comprises a stand (3) on which aturret (2) has been mounted, said turret bearing at least two parallelspindles (1), each linked to rotating driving means known in the art; therotation of the turret simultaneously removes a full roll and brings anempty spindle to the coiling station. A carriage (5) capable of motionperpendicular to the spindle axis conveys cylinders to load the machinewith sheets to be rolled. The carriage (5) of the machine comprises acylinder (16) for measuring the tension at which the position of theapproaching sheet (F) is approximately horizontal; a contact cylinder (14)in contact with the roll at the coiling station, which is placedunderneath and more or less in a vertical line with the tension measuringcylinder (16); a cutting device (11) positioned between the tensionmeasuring and contact cylinders (16, 14) respectively, upstream of thecoiling point onto the spindle or the roll to be formed.

Inventors: Marchante; Innocente (Le Bourget-du-Lac, FR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013