Patent Number: 6,308,911

Title: Method and apparatus for rapidly turning a vehicle in a fluid medium

Abstract: In a first aspect, the invention uses the thrust and axial aerodynamicforces of and on the missile system as the primary mechanism for alteringthe missile system's flight path as opposed to the missile system'saerodynamic normal force. In accordance with this first aspect, a firstembodiment is a method for changing the direction of travel of a vehiclemoving through a fluid medium to a desired direction of travel measured inthe vehicle's inertial frame of reference, the vehicle comprising a bodyincluding a nose, a moment generating control device, and an axialpropulsive device. The method comprises actuating the moment generatingcontrol device to align the nose substantially with the desired directionof travel, and applying the axial propulsive device as the primarymechanism to redirect the vehicle's velocity to the desired direction oftravel. In a second aspect, the invention provides a missile controlsystem implementing the first aspect of the invention. In a third aspect,the invention simulates in software a missile control system implementingthe first aspect of the invention.

Inventors: Schroeder; Wayne K. (Arlington, TX)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013