Patent Number: 6,308,924

Title: Pump stand for sump pump container

Abstract: A stand for supporting sump pumps within a sump container at an elevation above the floor of the container, having an out-of-round somewhat-circular platform having a weakened partition line for breaking or cutting the platform into two similar somewhat semi-circular half-platforms. The platform has a plurality of spaced peripheral legs fastened thereto and a plurality of closely-spaced central legs fastened to the undersurface adjacent the center thereof, whereby the stand can support two sump pumps, side-by-side, above the floor of the container and to avoid any clogging of the pumps with dirt or mud present on the container floor. The platform can be divided along the partition line to produce two similar stackable half-stands, each half-stand having at least two peripheral legs and at least one central leg for supporting a single sump pump within a sump container adjacent the interior wall thereof.

Inventors: Janesky; Lawrence M. (Huntington, CT)


International Classification: F04D 29/60 (20060101); A47B 091/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018