Patent Number: 6,308,929

Title: Mold insert

Abstract: An insert for a mold comprising a plug, having an insert face, and areceiver defined by a sidewall with one of the plug and the receiverhaving a groove that receives a guide that extends from the other of theplug and the receiver so as to facilitate rotation of the plug whileopposing withdrawal of the plug. In one preferred embodiment, the groovehas an inclined entranceway, that facilitates plug insertion and removal,and a transverse portion and extends circumferentially no more than aboutone and one-quarter rotation about the plug. In another embodiment, theguide is resiliently urged outwardly from the plug to ride in a groove inthe sidewall and the sidewall has an access port for prying free the plugfrom the receiver. A detent assembly comprised of notches on the plug anda detent carried by the receiver permit the plug to be selectivelyindexed. The insert can be mounted to or carried by an ejector pin havinga head constructed and arranged to prevent rotation of the pin during moldoperation. In one preferred pin, a portion of the barrel is machined andhardened before shipment to another location, typically to an end user,where the unmachined portion is cut to length before machining the headand remainder of the barrel.

Inventors: Wieder; Klaus A. (Helenville, WI)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013