Patent Number: 6,308,930

Title: Regulating valve having an essentially horizontal stem and process for manufacturing the same

Abstract: The invention relates to a regulating valve having a valve housing (1) and an essentially horizontally arranged linearly movable valve member (2) for regulating a flow through the valve. The valve member is by a cylindrical portion (22) arranged in a bearing (6) contained in the valve housing. To reduce the wear to which the bearing paths of the valve member and the bearing are subjected and, resulting therefrom, the deterioration of the guiding of the valve member, the outer bearing path of the bearing is arranged with a "bed" in the base of the bearing path. The "bed" comprises a depression (29) which is formed as a part, limited by generatrices, of a cylindrical surface having a cross-sectional radius (30) which corresponds to that of the cylindrical portion or just above and is smaller than half of a vertical diametrical dimension of this outer bearing path, and a centre angle (31) of preferably about The invention also relates to a process for manufacturing the outer bearing path.

Inventors: Weiss; Josef (Varberg, SE)

Assignee: J. Weiss Technic Sweden AB

International Classification: F16K 41/00 (20060101); F16K 029/00 (); F16K 041/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018