Patent Number: 6,308,934

Title: Pry bar with built in hammer and nail remover

Abstract: A pry bar with a built in hammer includes a slide bar including anelongated linear section, a first pry section at a first end of theelongated linear section and angled relative thereto, the first prysection including a front edge with a first notch therein, a side edgewhich meets the front edge at a corner, a second notch at the side edgeimmediately adjacent the corner, and a nail entrapment notch in the sideedge, and a second pry section at a second end of the elongated linearsection and angled relative thereto, the second pry section including afront edge with a notch therein; a first stop fixed to the elongatedlinear section adjacent the first pry section; a second stop fixedadjacent to the elongated linear section adjacent the second pry section;and a slide hammer slidably mounted on the elongated linear sectionbetween the first and second stops in order to impact against the firststop.

Inventors: Gallo; Mark Anthony (Lodi, NJ)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 10/32013