Patent Number: 6,308,945

Title: Apparatus for placing folded signatures on a transport device

Abstract: Signatures (1) are individually gripped from a stack (2) by a rotatableextracting cylinder (A) and transferred to a first rotating openingcylinder (B) and a second rotating opening cylinder (C) which open thegripped signatures (1) at the edges (4, 5) opposite from the fold (3) anddrop the signatures onto the transport device (6). To open and transportthe signatures (1) onward, the signatures (1) are gripped at theirrespective protruding edge (5) by a clamping device (48) disposed on thefirst opening cylinder (B). Projections are provided which catch behindthe above-referenced edges (4, 5) in the extracting cylinder (A) andtransfer the edges to the clamping device (48). These projections includea guide arm (7) which is movably supported on the first opening cylinder(B) and moves in response to a rotation of the first opening cylinder (B)from a retracted position into a position projecting over thecircumference (27) of the first opening cylinder (B). This arrangementrestrictedly guides the signatures and reliably transfers the signaturesto the opening drum (B, C) even at high velocities.

Inventors: Sagesser; Christoph (Magenwil, CH)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013