Patent Number: 6,308,950

Title: Paper processing device with a tape replacement apparatus and method ofreplacing a tape of the paper processing device

Abstract: A paper processing device, in particular, a folder that includes anapparatus for replacing tapes that convey signatures and a method forreplacing tapes of the paper processing device. The paper processingdevice has a frame or frames with opposing sides and a plurality ofcylinders disposed between the opposing sides of the frames. Each one ofthe cylinders has an axis for rotation thereabout. The paper processingdevice includes a plurality of tapes and each one of the plurality oftapes is disposed to circulate around the plurality of cylinders. Thepaper processing device includes a holder for holding an end of thereplacement tape that will be provided to replace one of the plurality oftapes, and an elongated conveying element disposed for circulation aroundthe axis of the plurality of cylinders. The elongated conveying element isattached to the holder for guiding the replacement tape around theplurality of cylinders. The method includes a step of splicing two ends ofthe replacement tape together after the holder moves the replacement tapearound the cylinders.

Inventors: Sappal; Jatinder Singh (Rochester, NH), Wingate; Mark Anthony (New Durham, NH)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013