Patent Number: 6,308,959

Title: Elastic sealing element in the form of bellows

Abstract: An elastic sealing element in the form of bellows, which is used to seal the contact surface between at least two components movable in relation to one another is described, which has low-elasticity contact zones as well as a deformation zone whose elasticity is higher than that of the contact zones, wherein the said deformation zone defines a chamber for accommodating lubricants on its inner side facing the movable components. An overpressure relief means (14) is arranged at least in the area of one of the two low-elasticity contact zones (6 or 7). The overpressure relief means (14) has at least one relief opening (15) connecting the lubricant chamber (11) with the outside of the sealing element (1) and a closing element (16) covering the said relief opening. The closing element (16) is in turn made in one piece with the sealing element (1) and closes the relief opening (15) up to an overpressure limit in the lubricant chamber (11) due to the intrinsic elasticity of the material of the sealing element.

Inventors: Sokolihs; Dirk (Bramsche, DE), Petersen; Uwe (Espelkamp, DE)

Assignee: ZF Lemforder Metallwaren AG

International Classification: F16J 3/00 (20060101); F16J 3/04 (20060101); F16J 015/38 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018