Patent Number: 6,308,961

Title: Gasket for hard disk drive unit use

Abstract: A purpose of the invention is to provide a gasket in use for HDD unitwherein a spatial continuity conducted from an interior of an HDD unit toan external open ambient for generating a leakage is prevented as well asan integrated manufacturing of a cover and a gasket member into a singleconstituent that has so far been separated into two constituents in aconventional structure, thereby not only reducing a number of assemblysteps but also rendering manufacturing procedures easier that are attainedby the present constitution, wherein: the gasket formed of an elasticmember 3 is embedded in a base cover 1 formed of a stainless steel andincluded in a through-hole 2, which is opened on a desired portion of thebase cover and penetrates from an internal surface to an external surfaceof the base cover, to be protruded further internally from the internalsurface of the base cover as well as to be protruded further externallyfrom the external surface of the base cover, thereby to seal an entireinterior of the HDD unit, during that a metallic substrate 5 beinglaminated through a vibration suppressing member 4 made of a plastic resinonto an outside surface of the elastic member 3 which is protruded ontothe external surface of the base cover 1.

Inventors: Kunikane; Takahiro (Ageo, JP), Yagenji; Sumihiko (Itabashi-ku, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013