Patent Number: 6,309,150

Title: Chuck actuator

Abstract: A chuck actuator has a main housing, a tube shaft having an outer end adjacent the main housing and an inner end remote from the main housing, a core shaft axially displaceable in the tube shaft between advanced and retracted positions, and a holding device on the outer shaft ends engageable with a tool or workpiece for holding same in the retracted position of the core shaft. A coupling member fixed on the core-shaft rear end and a housing member limitedly axially displaceable relative to the main housing and juxtaposed with the coupling member have formations including a radially projecting lug on one of the members and a radially open groove on the other of the members receiving the lug with play so that the lug can move limitedly axially in the groove. An actuating body axially displaceable in the main housing has a surface axially engageable with the coreshaft rear end and a pair of inwardly directed surfaces respectively engageable with the housing member and main housing. The surfaces are spaced such that, when one of the surfaces bears axially inward on the main housing, the other of the surfaces bears axially inward on the housing member to displace it axially inward and generally center the lug in the groove. The actuating body is moved outward to displace the core shaft into the advanced position and inward to allow the core shaft to move into the retracted position and displace the housing member to center the lug in the groove.

Inventors: Hangleiter; Eugen (Hermaringen, DE)

Assignee: Rohm GmbH

International Classification: B23B 31/02 (20060101); B23B 31/26 (20060101); B23C 001/06 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018