Patent Number: 6,309,168

Title: Lift for a hand truck

Abstract: A detachable lifting device can be attached to and works in conjunctionwith an upright portion of a hand truck. The invention allows the user tomove heavier loads than would be possible with the hand truck alone, andto lift the loads to table or counter levels. The invention is formed witha preferably rectangular frame, including laterally spaced-apart liftrails. A winch assembly, lifting cable, cable winding element, and apulley operate with the frame to slide a lifting platform upwardly anddownwardly along lift rails in a space formed by a spacer attached betweenthe hand truck and the lift rail. The platform attachment is inventivelydesigned with a bolt, bushing, and nut assembly, wherein the bushingsfrictionally engage with and rotate circularly against the lift rails asthe platform moves up and down them. Preferably, the invention is operatedvia remote control. The invention allows the user to lift heavy loads witha device that is lightweight, portable, and can be attached to any handtruck or cart.

Inventors: Holmes; Jerry (Lincoln, NE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013