Patent Number: 6,309,170

Title: Vehicle wheelchair lift with mutually perpendicular pivot axes and parallelogram transport

Abstract: A wheelchair lift is mounted in a vehicle doorway and provided with at least three distinct modes in which a supporting platform can be moved. The platform is affixed to vertical standards guided by parallelogram linkages between the standards and fixed posts mounted in the vehicle doorway. The parallelogram linkages hold the standards at a fixed orientation relative to the posts and keeps the platform horizontal as it is raised or lowered between ground level and the level of the vehicle passenger compartment. The platform is pivotable on a horizontal axis at the connection between the platform and the movable standards such that the platform can be raised from a horizontal wheelchair-carrying orientation to a compact vertical orientation in which the platform is stowed in the plane of the vertical standards, which are disposed against or between the fixed posts. The platform also is attached to the vertical standards on a vertical axis so as to hinge in the manner of a gate to clear the doorway for passage. Heavy journal posts attach the platform to the vertical standard on one lateral side of the lift and on the opposite lateral side a heavy duty clamping latch captures a bar protruding from the platform adjacent to its horizontal hinge axis. Safety roll-off gates are disposed on the inboard and outboard sides of the platform. Handrail members and one or more passage blocking barriers are automatically deployed when the platform is moved away from its stowed position.

Inventors: Vartanian; Roger (Broadheadsville, PA)


International Classification: A61G 3/00 (20060101); A61G 3/06 (20060101); A61G 003/06 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018