Patent Number: 6,309,181

Title: Fluid flow machine wheel and uses thereof

Abstract: A fluid flow machine wheel as for an immersion agitator or for a wastewater, slurry, sewage or feces pump or for a recirculation pump, comprisesa shaft hub having an inner hub portion and an outer hub portion, betweenwhich there is disposed a hub damping element comprising an elasticmaterial. Blades project from the outer hub portion. Blade dampingelements of elastic material are provided between the outer hub portionand each respective blade. The fluid flow machine wheel may have eitheronly the hub damping element or only the blade damping elements. Thedamping element or elements at least reduce vibration of or damage to thewheel or its drive motor, transmission, mountings for same and so forth,caused by uncontrolled hydraulic conditions or properties and affluxflows.

Inventors: Etschel; Helmut (Hof, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013