Patent Number: 6,309,271

Title: Method for fabricating a field emission device

Abstract: A method for fabricating a field emission device which can display a colorimage. Anodes to be doped with a color fluorescent film of the same colorare connected to each other so that the color fluorescent film can becoated on the anodes of a front surface substrate using an electrophoreticmethod. An insulating layer is formed between anodes which cross eachother to prevent the anodes from contacting each other. It is possible toobtain a cheap and clean fluorescent film by sequentially forming thefluorescent films of the respective colors by the electrophoretic method.The field emission device can be easily packaged since the anodes of thefront surface substrate on which the fluorescent film is formed can easilycontact the external terminals of the rear surface substrate.

Inventors: Kim; Jong-min (Yongin, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013