Patent Number: 6,309,273

Title: Hula hoop

Abstract: A hula hoop, comprising of a plurality of arcuate modules individually having bulged portions with a connection plug and a connection socket being formed at opposite ends of each module, is disclosed. An annular groove is formed at the tip of each bulged portion, with a raised disc-shaped flat base having a continuous tang along its circular top edge and being defined by the annular groove. A recessed locking groove is formed along the root of the base. A pressure projection and a guide projection are interiorly formed on the socket. An engaging slot is formed on the plug at a position diametrically opposite to the guide groove. An engaging projection is formed on the socket at a position corresponding to the engaging slot. A pressure dome, individually having a fitting ring, is attached to each bulged portion of the module. The lower edge of the pressure dome is seated in the annular groove with the fitting ring engaging with the tang of the base. A magnet tip or a jade tip is tightly seated in a seat formed at the top end of each pressure dome. The above seat is upwardly and inwardly inclined at its sidewall, thus forming a tapered sidewall and firmly seating the skin contact tip on each pressure dome.

Inventors: Kim; Jun Bae (Seoul 157-012, KR)


International Classification: A63B 19/00 (20060101); A63H 033/00 (); A61H 015/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018