Patent Number: 6,309,282

Title: Variable abrasive polishing pad for mechanical and chemical-mechanicalplanarization

Abstract: An abrasive polishing pad for planarizing a substrate. In one embodiment,the abrasive polishing pad has a planarizing surface with a firstplanarizing region and a second planarizing region. The first planarizingregion has a first abrasiveness and the second planarizing region has asecond abrasiveness different than the first abrasiveness of the firstregion. The polishing pad preferably has a plurality of abrasive elementsat the planarizing surface in at least one of the first or secondplanarizing regions. The abrasive elements may be abrasive particlesfixedly suspended in a suspension medium, contact/non-contact regions onthe pad, or other elements that mechanically remove material from thewafer. In operation of a preferred embodiment, the lesser abrasive of thefirst and second planarizing regions contacts a first area of the waferwhere the relative velocity between the wafer and the polishing pad isrelatively high, and the more abrasive of the first and second planarizingregions contacts a second area of the wafer where the relative velocitybetween the wafer and the polishing pad is relatively low. The differentabrasivenesses of the first and second planarizing regions compensate forvariations in relative velocities across the face of the wafer to moreuniformly planarize the wafer.

Inventors: Wright; David Q. (Boise, ID), Skrovan; John K. (Boise, ID)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013